Da Ma Lifestyle a full-service Denver-based cannabis consulting, marketing, branding company in business since 2000. 

We have specialists in cannabis packaging & branding, web development, recreational and medical marijuana dispensary marketing, and organic & local SEO. Through our extensive professional network, we also provide outstanding services in business & legal consultation, IT & point-of-sale, and cybersecurity. 

Today, everyone is an “expert” in cannabis; just ask. We found our clients needed help somewhere in their business pipeline beyond marketing. We’ve put together a wonderful group of experts from legal, tech, financial, compliance and more to help you navigate your way through the tricky waters of starting, running and marketing a cannabis business. Business planning, grow-house consulting, accounting, and more are all available through our CannaBusiness-in-a-Box services. Implement cost-effective cannabis business technologies and methodologies to zoom past  the competition. 

Every business is unique and the rules are vague and difficult to parse. Know how your business is at risk from Federal, State and Local jurisdictions. Market experience is combined with Colorado-specific insight to help cannabis businesses stay informed and compliant as cannabis law continues to change. We are committed to help clients build a cannabis business for long-term growth. 

Stay secure and ahead of the game with the proper cannabis business lease in place. Write strong leases that mitigate risk for your investment and that use Colorado’s trust system to protect your assets. Combined with our regulations and compliance services, these are powerful resources to protect your business. 

Good software can help you manage your entire grow operations from your phone. From seed-to-sale, workflows, expenses, compliance and process management for a one-stop cannabis growing solution. 

Sleep better knowing you are protecting your data, people, tools and reputation. Ransomware will soon discover the cannabis industry easy to attack; be prepared. Cybersecurity begins by:

Assessing the status of your vulnerabilities

Penetration testing

Providing recommendations

24/7 data monitoring

Creating custom data recovery plan

Training employees on secure practices

Keep your financial records, accounting information and patient medical information secure to meet today and future regulations and compliance.